If you’re looking to invest in property and you’re looking to get in excess of 15% return on your money then we can help. Put simply we have built a network of experienced agents and property sourcers that are active searching for properties that match our criteria. On a typical day we have more deals than £££ available to invest, that’s where you come in. We regularly get properties that are priced for a quick sale, in need of modernisation, retail conversion and lease option opportunities. Most of our property opportunities are sold before they go onto the open market.

Our Critiera

Minimum 15% ROI potential

Price already agreed with seller

Legal team  in place to execute the deal

We offer investor guaranteed return, rent or property management

We do the hard work for you…

When one of our expert sourcers sends us a deal that we believe in, we will carry out our own due diligence. We speak to our network of local agents and investors to ensure that the price of the property is correct as an investment. We get confirmation from different sourcesthat the property is truly below market value and not just below asking price. Depending on the deal asking price might still present a good opportunity for a great return. Once we have done our own due diligence and we know the property represents a great deal then we pass it on to our investors.