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How frustrating is it to miss on a deal that could have made you £100k ?The large majority of the deals I get are gone within 1 hour, yes that’s it. I send them out and they’re secured by an investor.  Of course this causes a level of disappointment. If you are a serious investor and don’t want to miss out on the bigger and better deals then you should definitely be on the VIP List. As a VIP you will be amongst the first to receive the deals, a day before the other investors. SO if you are a serious investor and you want deals as soon as they become available you should be a VIP member; The VIP list is FREE of charge for 30 days, then £19.99 per month. You are free to cancel at any time and not tied to any contracts. VIP members can also get access to our tailor made search package where we find deals that specifically match your criteria and send them directly to you. Once you become a VIP you’ll find out more about this.

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