Our agents and sourcers send us deals on a regular basis, we need to assess and qualify each one before we send them out to our database of investors. Once we have done all of our thorough checks we send out the deal information via email to everyone on our list. If you are not on our email list then you are missing out.

As soon as you are on our mailing list you will get access to great investment deals. If you see a deal that you like then you should show your interest by clicking  “This one’s for me” and following the instructions on the email.

  • You receive the investment opportunity via email, if you want more info or to secure it you get in touch
  • We talk in more detail about the property deal, with further details on the ROI and any answer any questions you have
  • Once you are happy to proceed we send over the contracts for you to sign to progress the sale, including our finders fee
  • At this stage none of our other investors are permitted to negotiate on this deal
  • We then confirm you as the buyer to the selling agents
  • The selling agent or vendors solicitor will get in contact with you to see your personal documents and information in relation to the purchase – we don’t need to see this
  • The normal process for purchasing a property initiates

At every stage of this process we are on hand to answer any questions you have or update you on what’s happening. Whether this is your first or one hundredth property purchase our attention to detail and support offered is the same. We have a database of highly recommended solicitors and mortgage brokers that our investors can use.