Can I get access/to see to the deals before anyone else?

Yes, we get asked this a lot, so we now offer a VIP investors list. This is for you if you want to be told about deals before we have sent them to our other standard list of investors. To get exclusive access there is a small fee of £19.99 per month which will gain you access to the deals 24 hours before non VIP investors.

What happens if there is an issue with the survey on the property I am investing in?

Our sourcer’s are experienced in viewing properties but on rare occasions we may not be able to access certain area on the property such as under the floor boards, lofts etc.

If an issue arises at the point of survey we will first assist in getting a quote for the repairs. Often issues that arise are far less costly than the survey report suggests.

Once the costs of repairs have been calculated we will update the return on investment and if you are still unhappy we will work with you to find another investor for the property.

Can I view the property before making a reservation?

In order to save everyone’s time we have a strict policy of needing to see intention before we release property address, sourcer details, pictures and so forth. This is in order to save the sellers time and make the process streamlined. If you pay the reservation and the property does not match what we have said then you are entitled to a full refund.

What if I don’t like the look of the property or the area? 

Some newer investors get caught up in feelings and sometimes judge properties using the “would I like to live in this area” perspective. All of our investments are made formula first. Does it have the potential to make you a good financial return? We encourage you to focus on the numbers, if the property can be developed, tenanted, refurbished for value? The best investment deals are usually the ones that on a first “look” may be tired and in need of love. But we will always go back to can this property make you money?

What if I can’t get a mortgage?

We ask all investors to ensure that they are confident that they will be able to obtain a mortgage before choosing to invest in property.If you reserve a property and are unable to obtain finance then we are at a loss and our reputation damaged. You still have to pay the reservation fee to. The benefit to our vendors is that we can guarantee them a quick purchase, please make sure you do your part. If necessary we can provide you with a list of recommended mortgage brokers.

I want to invest in property(ies) but I really don’t want the hassle of managing tenants or development – can you help?

Yes of course. We want to take the hassle away from investing in property. You may just be interested in getting a return on your money with property as the vehicle or you may want to own the asset but have it fully managed. We do both. Let’s have a chat about how we can help your needs best.


If your question is not answered above – email us at questions@wealthfirst.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.